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  From October 7th until November 10th I will be in Morocco for an Artist in Residence together with Lilian Stolk and other artists. On this page I will update you about our project and other adventures.
Schermafbeelding 2015-10-25 om 18.13.08
  Week two in Morocco. A week of contrasts, good advice, bad jokes, belly dancers, beers, pizza with or without anjovis, ginger haired Irish singers, drumming, dancing on the sofa with all Moroccan ladies, vampire movies, Best Of 1998 playlist during working, Tiger Lilly, paper treasures, dirty cats, oatmeal with M&M’s, grandmothers at the bottom of the pan, running tortes, lots of pasta, old Jewish quarter, visiting Joseph from The Netherlands, considering drug addicts in the Mellah as Buddhists, couscous friday, henna, limp fries, searching for tampons, drawing games, cinnamon in our pocket, thunder storms, dancing on The Supremes, visiting the Hazare village near Sefrou, cruising on the back of a truck.But also working very hard on our project! We’ve settled in our little studio and made a lot of work the past days.
  Sometimes my creative brain gets an overload and I need to walk around in the medina or just listen to loud music and dance. One month is very, very short for a project like this, but we are determined to finish it in the remaining two weeks and present it in our garden with a great event. A fantastic way to thank every one we’ve met en treat them with music, stories, art and the company of each other.Another great present I got here, besides of lots of inspiration, is the newfound knowledge of creating a comfortable environment for yourself in a different country.
  Me and my fellow artists are becoming sort of a little family in the villa. It fascinated me to see that one, no matter the location or circumstances, always will take care of oneself. Making sure you surround yourself with inspiration, love and laughter. It comes very natural and it gives me much strength and happiness. I want to say ‘one love’, but that makes me vomit a bit. Though it seems to be the most accurate way to describe my feelings at the moment.
Lauren Hillbrandt. Artist in reidence with Culture Vultures from. October 7th, November 10th.

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AiR Artisanal March/April 2015 Artists Call out

AiR Artisana March/April 2015

air artisan II poster


Artists Call Out – Artists and designers are invited to apply for a five week artist residency working alongside a Fassi or Sefrouian artisan. Culture Vultures invites designers, visual artists, installation artists, writers, musicians, performers, researchers or conceptual artists to spend five weeks exploring the techniques,  materials and personalities of the traditional crafts masters of Fez. The definition of artist is broad.  C.V. has a preference for unexpected collaborations that combine sharing approaches and in-depth exchanges.

Ayano Nishimura - Veil
Ayano Nishimura – Veil

AiR  Artisan – Spend 5 weeks residing in a house in the ancient city of Sefrou, a short distance from Fez, the Moroccan capitol of crafts and world’s largest car-free urban metropolis. Recognized by UNESCO and many national and international development organizations, the crafts play a fundamental part in the cultural heritage of Fez. This north African area is rich in craftsmanship and the makers play an important role in the cast.  Artists will be housed together in the old medina of Sefrou, given workspaces where necessary and spend extensive periods alongside the artisans in their workshops.


Sonia Hamza by Omar Chennafi
Sonia Hamza by Omar Chennafi

When – This residency will take place from 15th March – 19th April 2015

Culture Vultures is an arts and cultural organization based in and around Fez. Founded in 2009 by visual artist Jess Stephens, C.V. has a rich and active portfolio of activities that encourages cross-cultural encounters through an arts agenda. With Jess’ experience in facilitating artist residencies, projects and presentations in Morocco and good relations with a network of artisans based in the medina and beyond, this residency promises food for thought, material for creativity and insightful exchanges.


Mohammed Benjabara by Sonia Hamza
Mohammed Benjabara by Sonia Hamza


Artisans portfolio  – Local artisans that are in Culture Vulture’s network and who welcome an artist into their working environment include traditional plaster carvers, potters, metal workers, weavers, mosaic ( zeliig) artists, carpet knitters, wood carvers, tailors , slipper makers,tanners and more.


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AiR Sidi Ali Application Deadline Extended

Application Deadline extended until 15th October…

Artist in Residency (AiR) Sidi Ali, Morocco

1st – 8th  January 2015.

Artist’s Call out


Culture Vultures announces an artists’ call-out for the third edition of an 8-day artist in residence program around the Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch pilgrimage festival (Moussem), pulling artists deep into a fusion of Islam and Moroccan folklore.

The itinerary summary  – Facilitated daytime and nighttime visits to the Moussem of Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch are interwoven with a program of talks, presentations,  interviews and feedback dinners with locals involved in the Moussem and academics specializing in the field of Islamic studies and Moroccan culture.  The program also incorporates cultural activities such as a hammam visit and local trips to experience the rich heritage and fertile landscape of the  surrounding area.

The artists – The program is open to visual artists, dancers, performers, writers, designers, musicians, and multi-media artists interested in the rich culture, ceremonial festival and spiritual pilgrimage wanting to gain insight, draw inspiration and obtain material to feed their work and artistic practice. The definition of artist is broad.

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